About Anomaly Wine Tours:

An anomaly is defined as "something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected" and at Anomaly Wine Tours, we hope to offer you a CT wine tour experience that is different than what you may have experienced in the past. I’m Amanda, owner of Anomaly Wine Tours and wine enthusiast. I am passionate about making wine approachable and accessible by helping people discover what they love about wine, while also offering some guidance and fun facts during the wine tour experience. 


Wine tasting is a largely subjective experience; however, it is often made to seem objective with the idea that a certain wine is inherently good or bad, based on where it is from, its price, and a variety of other factors. Wine offers much more value than it's price tag and my goal is to help everyone discover new regions, pairings, and types of wine while also having an exciting experience. The focus during my tours and tastings is on what aromas and tastes you can pick out in the wine you are tasting and whether or not these are pleasing to your palate, not just what you "should" be smelling or tasting, in order to help you better understand what to look for when you are making wine purchases in the future. Wine offers a snapshot of a particular place, during a specific time and this uniqueness is what makes it intriguing and even more enjoyable. In this way, each bottle of wine is an anomaly, in and of itself. 


I want to share my passion for wine while also showcasing some of Connecticut's more than 40 local wineries, many of which boast award winning wines. I am excited to share tips and tricks for getting the most out of your wine tasting experience, as well as information about grapes and winemaking, as I am a novice at home winemaker myself. 


At Anomaly Wine Tours, we are now offering all-inclusive wine tours and tastings at local Connecticut wineries with transportation services. If you would like to sign for a Connecticut Wine Tour please contact me by call/text, email, facebook, or instagram and we can plan your next adventure together.


About Amanda Sperandio, owner

Hi everyone and welcome to Anomaly! It may surprise you to learn that I am a licensed marriage and family therapist by day. I studied psychology as an undergraduate at Southern Connecticut State University and have a Master's Degree from Fairfield University in Marriage and Family Therapy. You may ask, then, how did I come to start a company about wine? Fair question!


I became passionate about wine over the years, largely due to visiting the beautiful vineyards Connecticut has to offer. I even became an amateur wine maker myself and have aspirations of opening my own vineyard and winery one day.


I have had the good fortune of traveling to many major wine regions, including Napa Valley, the Finger Lakes, Bordeaux, Tuscany, and Long Island, in addition to my travels to Connecticut vineyards. I love to travel in order to experience the wine and food a region has to offer. I have done countless wine tastings throughout my travels and here in Connecticut. I have also completed an online wine essentials course through Cornell University. In my spare time I love reading about all aspects of wine, especially about the history of wine and the tales of others and their wine travels.


With all of my travels and reading, I continue to be enamored with the wines and vineyards of Connecticut. I believe Connecticut wine has a great deal to offer and will continue to earn more attention on a national and even world stage over time. I hope you will join me on my journey to taste all of the wine our wonderful state has to offer by booking your CT wine tour with me. Whether you are new to wine, or even more experienced than I am, let's  have some fun and continue our wine journies together! 


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